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Find out What to Look for in a Lawyer in Oshawa

Ronald F. Worboy Law Office believes in the importance of educating our clients in the Oshawa area. Because there are many lawyers vying for the opportunity to represent you, there are certain qualities you should look for when it comes to selecting the right lawyer for your needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Does this lawyer offer a clear fee structure?

  • Find out upfront if there will be any additional fees in addition to the flat or hourly fee charged by the lawyer in question. Some lawyers charge court filing fees or even fees to print documents; it’s best to be prepared. Check around to see what sorts of fees other lawyers are charging for similar counsel in your area. You may not necessarily want to hire the most expensive lawyer in your area for a small dispute.

Do you feel comfortable discussing your legal needs with this lawyer?

  • Open communication is going to be essential when it comes to dealing with your lawyer. Never hire a lawyer that you don’t feel comfortable discussing the issues of your case with thoroughly, honestly and in terms you can actually understand. Don’t be afraid to bring a list of questions with you to your consultation.

Does this lawyer have the right amount of experience?

  • Do your homework – thoroughly check the lawyer’s credentials and background. Is this the first time he or she has handled this type of legal issue? If it’s a bigger dispute, you may want to hire a more experienced lawyer. You should also pay attention to online reviews, testimonials and referrals from those you know.

How available will this lawyer be for your needs?

  • How quickly can he or she begin work on your case? Are they available after-hours to return emergency calls? How many other clients do they currently have? Will they be available to represent you in court proceedings? Some people find they may actually prefer working with a smaller firm with a more personal touch.

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